The Inner-Work of Leadership is Now Available for Kindle

July 26, 2011

It has been a little over a year since my book The Inner-Work of Leadership was published. In that time the market’s shift to ebooks has been noteworthy.  And now with the closing of Borders Books, that trend is likely to accelerate.

Today, I’m happy to announce that The Inner-Work of Leadership is now available in both a Kindle edition and a Nook edition. For a limited time, the introductory price is only $4.95.

The book has attracted enthusiastic reviews from readers at Amazon. I would like to share just two of them.  John Wood, Founder and former CEO and Chairman, Fleetwood Corporation Ltd, Australia wrote:

The Inner Work of Leadership is an outstanding contribution! One of the most important books I have read. As each page turned the narrative took me gently, deeper and deeper into the world of conscious leadership. Its words inspire the open hearted and open minded to make their inner work their primary responsibility in life. Powerful possibilities tumbled out of my mind as I was drawn to reconsider the world of authentic collaboration, cooperation, creativity and productivity. The prize, a more loving, sustainable workplace and world, became clear as the critical nature of shared purpose unfolded. A world of abundance beckoned as you read in example after example the convergence of doing what works with what matters in a context of love, understanding, wisdom and common sense.

Jim Vinoski, operations business manager for a Fortune 500 company, wrote:

When a brilliant old friend of mine recommended this book to me, I knew it had to be good.

I just finished, and now I know: “good” is an understatement. This is one of the three top leadership books I’ve ever read, and it surpasses the other two because its lessons will help me be not only a much better leader, but a much better person as well (though I guess I have those two backwards in order of importance!) First there was the shock of realizing the true meaning of the notion of distributed knowledge (which I thought I’d long ago embraced and internalized, having read Hayek, Read and others on the subject): No, I can’t and don’t know everything, or anything close to everything, and nor do I have to! In fact, it’s best if I don’t even try! Then came the amazing lessons about letting go of the ego and truly focusing on the people around me. The Inner-Work of Leadership proved to be a grab-bag of phenomenal ideas.

Professor Brownstein has inspired me to apply his techniques not only with the people I “lead” from an org chart standpoint, but up the ladder as well, with the leaders above me. Along the way I can recommend they read an inspiring book…

As an aside, I found it intriguing how many of Brownstein’s sources and recommended readings were from authors I’d already discovered – not only in the leadership realm, such as Charles Koch (who wrote one of the other two of my favorite leadership books), but much farther afield, including Viktor Frankl, Christopher Alexander, and even Dr. John Sarno! But even with all that previous common discovery, his book tied it all together and gave me one of those rare and valuable moments of, “Of course – it should’ve been so obvious!” that so often mark the truly groundbreaking.

Thanks so much, Professor Brownstein. You’ve made my life better. How many authors can ever claim such a thing?

Purchase your own copy—paperback or for Kindle at Amazon. At Barnes and Noble the book is available as a paperback or for Nook.

Insanity, Einstein advised, is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” The Inner-Work of Leadership offers another way. You will be guided to do your inner-work to discover hidden beliefs that stand in the way of your genuine personal and professional transformation—and the transformation of the organization you lead.

Professor Jim Glasgow found The Inner-Work of Leadership “rich in insights that will have you asking why haven’t I noticed that before?” “Read seriously,” he writes, “this book will help leaders better know themselves, reduce stress, improve relationships and live more satisfying lives, all while becoming more effective at directing and listening to their organizations.”

If you haven’t read the book already, take advantage of this opportunity to own your own copy.

If you know others who are ready to do the inner-work of leadership, this is a great time to recommend the Kindle edition at the introductory price of $4.95.

I appreciate your support in getting out the word.

Barry Brownstein on Twitter

January 3, 2011

For every blog post I write, there are many partially written posts you never see. On average, my blog posts are about 1,000 words. Many other pieces are begun but, as time passes, not completed. Yet, I often feel that I come across information that might be of interest and important to you. Twitter is one way that I can bridge the gap, and I am now tweeting.

Twitter is a perfect outlet for micro blog posts—a sentence or two with a link to an article and I have sent off a tweet. You can expect tweets on economics, leadership, the spiritual journey, health and more.

You can follow my tweets at

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The Inner-Work of Leadership

April 13, 2010

My new book, The Inner-Work of Leadership, is now available at Amazon. Find it by clicking here.

In writing this book, I hope to help readers identify and remove barriers within themselves that interfere with effective leadership and with living a fulfilling life.

If you find the book to be a helpful guide to healthy change, I would be grateful if you post a review of the book at the Amazon page for this book. Positive reviews at Amazon are very important; they influence many book buyers. Your post will help this book reach a broader audience.

I have set up a Facebook group for readers of The Inner-Work of Leadership. Please consider being a founding member of the group. To join, click here. I hope the Facebook group becomes a community for those who have been influenced by the book and related material. I encourage you to invite others to join.

Just posted at the website for the book is the first in a series: “Conversations with Inner-Work Leaders.”

If you would like to share this book with others in your organization, quantity discounts are also available at the book web site. Finally, at the web site you will find instructions on how to receive a free autographed bookplate for your copy of the book.

The book is meeting an enthusiastic reception:

“Immensely powerful! The Inner-Work of Leadership transcends the traditional boundaries between professional and personal improvement. For all books that I read, the ultimate test is do I make any strategic, tactical, or personal changes as a result of reading it? This book hit all three dimensions in a lasting and profound way.” –Gabriel Batstone, Managing Director, CAE Flightscape

“There is profound wisdom on every page of this book.”—Warren Nilsson, PhD, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University

The Inner Work of Leadership provides a clear path and roadmap for the open minded reader to reexamine and re-think their paradigms about leadership. The Inner Work of Leadership is a groundbreaking must read for those currently in leadership positions and for those aspiring to leadership positions.” –Peter Quinn, Senior Vice-President for Corporate Development, Greenhorne & O’Mara, Inc.

“Not just another how-to-book; The Inner-Work of Leadership provides a catalyst that takes the reader on an inward journey of self-discovery and reflection. This is a mind-opening adventure that will benefit readers both in their business and personal lives.”–Frank R. van Vliet, Director of Leadership and Organizational Development, Baltimore Aircoil Company

Here is the complete Table of Contents:

Prologue: Why Inner-Work Is Necessary

  • Breaking Our Chains
  • The Better Way

Chapter 1: Leadership and Beliefs

  • Good to Great
  • Stale Beliefs
  • Seeing Our Beliefs
  • Mindset

Chapter 2: Leading Without Controlling

  • Costly Errors
  • The “Great Man”
  • Is There Order Without Control?
  • Nordstrom’s Simple Rule
  • Bob Nardelli Takes “Control”
  • Ricardo Semler Gives Up Control
  • Looking Past Problems

Chapter 3: From I to We

  • Nucor Steel
  • Just Plain Jim
  • Wholeness Is Not Contrived
  • The Attributes of Wholeness
  • Two Thought Systems
  • Am I Separate?
  • Alone and Frightened
  • Externalizing Our Way to Ineffectiveness
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Closing the Separation Gap

Chapter 4: Leading From a False Premise

  • Big Egos, Bad Leaders
  • The Real Alternative
  • Beginning the Inner-Work
  • Real Individuality Comes From Wholeness
  • The Subtraction Solution
  • Finding Our True Self At Work
  • Healing the Cause

Chapter 5: Surrendering to the Leader Within

  • Dropping Our Stories
  • Demoting the Doer
  • Actionless Action
  • No Kernel of Nourishing Corn
  • “It’s All Here Within Your Hearts”

Chapter 6: Leaders Choose Again

  • Becoming a Neutral Observer
  • The Theme That Won’t Stop Playing
  • Catching Our Self-Deception
  • Allow Gratitude to Transform You
  • Choosing Appropriate Diet and Exercise
  • Choosing Happiness

Chapter 7: Values and Principles Show the Way

  • Success Without Integrity
  • Success Beyond Success
  • Living From the Inside Out
  • Just a Few Smashed Parcels
  • Generalizing the Lesson
  • Do You Eat Your Broccoli?
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Principles and Profits

Chapter 8: The Power of Purpose

  • Purpose Is What Anything Is For
  • Add Value to Everyone
  • Purpose Is Everything
  • An Inspired Purpose
  • Coherence around Values and Principles
  • Synchronicity and Purpose
  • Sweet Are the Uses of Adversity
  • You Don’t Have To Be Good
  • Climbing the “48”
  • Deepening Our Purpose

Chapter 9: Engaging Others

  • A Basic Problem
  • You Can’t Disagree at NASA
  • Stump-the-CEO
  • Dialogue and Engagement
  • Preparing for Dialogue
  • The Fear of Being a Doormat
  • Emergent Change

Chapter 10:  Change Happens

  • True Power Comes From Being Nobody
  • It’s Not About You
  • Prevent Defenses
  • Pursue Organizational Intelligence
  • Education at Zappos
  • Educating Others
  • “There Is Nothing Stronger Than Gentleness”
  • The Larger Journey

In the preface of the book, I acknowledge that ongoing dialogue with my readers and my students has been essential in its writing. Thank you for your wisdom and for every question, every challenge, and every opportunity you gave to me to express ideas that I believe respond to our universal need to find ourselves as we join with others. If The Inner-Work of Leadership touches the lives of others, you will have helped make that possible.

To order at Amazon, simply click here.

Best regards,

Barry Brownstein

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