“If You Think You Can Control Something”

My daughter, soon to be twelve, takes piano classes at the Peabody Preparatory. One of the advantages of the program is the children are giving several opportunities each year to perform in recital. I believe that these performances give the children a life long gift of being comfortable in front of an audience.

Recently my daughter was nominated by her teacher to play in one of the more prestigious recitals of the year. In addition the following week she would play in another performance that she was selected for. This was all outside of her comfort zone and she was feeling a bit unsure of herself.

Feeling unsure manifested itself with a lot of opinions of what she was hoping she would or would not have to play and opinions that maybe she should only have to play in one recital. It was time for a chat.

I asked her how she felt when her mental activity was focused on what she did not want to do. She responded, very small and constricted. I asked how she played when she felt that way. The answer was equally clear to her.

Then I inquired how she felt and played when she was focused on what she wanted to be. The answer was as clear.

I explained that when she was feeling constricted by her mental activity she was like a thimbleful of water from the ocean. She was small and separated from her Source. In reality she is part of a vast ocean of what Dr. Thomas Hora calls Love-Intelligence. When she decides not to separate from that ocean, Love-Intelligence is able to play through her. When she allows it, only then is she being her true Self.

Lessons are most valuable when they come from within. In her own words here is what she learned: “If you think you can control something, things are harder. If you trust in something, things are easier. Trust in what you can be, rather than what you don’t want to be.”


2 Responses to “If You Think You Can Control Something”

  1. Ariel says:

    What a wonderful life lesson your daughter has learned! And may her music be the vehicle for even more such lessons throughout her life.

    As a musician who struggled for years with stage fright, I can attest to the fact that trusting and opening up to that Source is the way out of the dilemma. You hit the nail on the head – Giving Up Control – great title and great blog. I’m enjoying it immensely.

  2. Barry Brownstein says:

    Thank you Ariel for the kind words. I showed your comments to my daughter and she appreciated them too.

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